These are Tenshinhan's top 10 life accomplishments from least to greatest.

10. Tenshinhan inspired me to make this site. That has got to count for something. For someone not real to give me this much respect and interest is quite an accomplishment

9. Tenshinhan helped the Z team fight the Saiya-jins, giving his life in order to try to defeat Nappa. He never once gave up or quite fighting. It was an all-out attack. This showed how brave Tenshinhan is. He died honorably by sacrificing all of his energy.

8. Tenshinhan fought Trunks and forced him to turn Super Saiya-jin. For a human to force Trunks into his extremely powerful form, is an impressive feat. He fought hard but was no match for the Super Saiya-jin form.

7. Tenshinhan still appreciated what Tsurusennin had done for him even after he renounced him as his master. This was an interesting choice in Dragon Ball. It seems like Tenshinhan's respect for others was showcased here. Tenshinhan did not want to stay in the current life path, but did not want to humiliate Tsuru either. He asks Tsuru to kindly part ways. This was a great act of respect and honor which is an accomplishment for a DB character.

6. Tenshinhan kept 2nd form Cell from absorbing Android 18 (for an episode or so anyway). Surpressing 2nd form Cell was a great surprise coming from one of the human fighters, and really showed how much stronger Tenshinhan was than the rest of the humans.

5. Tenshinhan fought and defeated Jisu and Baata single-handedly. Vegeta, Kuririn, and Gohan combined couldn't even defeat Rikuum! Obviously, this is an inconsistency and a filler, but nonetheless is part of the series. Even if it's far-fetched, the intent was to show that these human fighters were still very strong.

4. Tenshinhan introduced and perfected classic techniques like the Kikoho, Taiyoken, and Shishinnoken. The Kikoho is the most powerful technique in the whole world of DB (Genki Dama excluded), because it uses every last bit of your energy. No other attack does this. The Taiyoken was used countless times by both Gokou and Kuririn. Tenshinhan introduced everyone to this extremely useful technique.

3. Tenshinhan won the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai, defeating Son Gokou. At one point in time Tenshinhan was the greatest. He does admit to Gokou that he felt Gokou should have won and that is was because of luck that he won. However, Kamesennin tells Tenshinhan that luck is a part of one's strength too.

2. Tenshinhan saved Dende, Mr. Satan, and arguably Gohan's life from Buu. Dende and Mr. Satan would have died for sure. No Dende -- no dragonballs. And no Mr. Satan, no more world! This is because he was the one who got all of the people on earth to give their energy to Gokou to make the final, enormous genki-dama that defeated Buu. Tenshinhan did his part to save the world against Buu.

1. Tenshinhan is the strongest human on earth. This is quite an accomplishment! If you disagree, please read the Tenshinhan vs. Kuririn section.

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