Battle Guide

Battle Stats:

DB - won 8 out 12 battles [ 75% ]
DBZ - won 2 out of 15 battles [ 13% ]
Overall - won 10 out of 27 battles [ 37% ]

Battle Chart

- Red names indicate a loss
- White names indicate a win
- (d) indicates a death
- Italics indicate a draw
- Under the "In" column: S stands for "In the show only" ; M stands for "In the manga only" ; and MS stands for "In the Manga and Show"

Dragon Ball
# Saga


Tenshinhan Opponent In
1 Urani Baba 82 | -- Tenshinhan Inoshikacho S
This isn't a real fight. Tenshinhan goes town to town and has this creature attack a particular town. He then "defeats" it for money. The battles all probably end in one kick from Ten and Chaozu.
2 Urani Baba 82 | -- Tenshinhan Gokou S
Tenshinhan attempts to kill Gokou after Gokou discovers Inoshikacho alive with himself and Chaozu. Gokou dodges the attacks. Ten kicks and tree and falls on Gokou. Gokou is very hungry so he couldn't dodge anymore. Ten leaves Gokou to die naturally.
3 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai ? | 10 Tenshinhan Sumouto MS
Tenshinhan easily wins this match at the 22nd Budokai, surprising everyone.
4 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai 88 | 10 Tenshinhan Yamucha MS
The match starts off as a fairly even match. Ten realizes that Yamucha has incredible strength. However, Tenshinhan shows Yamucha that he is indeed still out of his league and easily counters Yamucha's attacks. Tenshinhan also purposely breaks Yamucha's leg after he was clearly defeated.
5 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai 93-94 | 11 Tenshinhan Jackie Chun MS
Jackie Chun (Kamesennin) is basically testing Tenshinhan during this match. The fight is very even, until Ten appears to be a bit stronger. He would have defeated Jackie Chun most likely, but Jackie steps out of ring because he feels he no longer needs to enter the tournament. He realizes their are new younger fighters to test Gokou and his friends. A new generation of fighters is taking over. Kamesennin also tries to convince Tenshinhan that he is not evil and should instead fight on the good side.
6 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai 97-100 | 11 Tenshinhan Gokou MS
The greatest fight in the entire series! Tenshinhan and Gokou are both incredibly strong. The match is quite equal. Chaozu is ordered by Tsurusennin to freeze Gokou telepathically. After Tenshinhan finds out what has been happening, he lets Gokou beat him up so they receive the same amount of damage. Afterwards, I would say Gokou had a slight advantage. Tenshinhan feels he needs to use the Kikoho, and destroys the ring. Gokou dodges up in to the air. Gokou damages Tenshinhan in mid-air with a reverse Kamehameha. They both have no energy left. As they are falling diagonally, Gokou hits a truck which shortens his path to ground and falls first, losing.
7 Piccolo Daimao ? | 13 Tenshinhan Drum MS
The fight is fairly even at first until Drum blindsides Ten. Drum is ordered to rip out Tenshinhan's heart, but Gokou shows up and saves him.
8 Piccolo Daimao ? | 13 Tenshinhan Piccolo Daimao MS
Tenshinhan goes to take on Piccolo while Gokou goes to get the Super Holy Water from Karin. Ten tries a Mafuba technique, but can't trap him. Gokou arrives and defeats Drum. During the fight between Gokou and Piccolo, Tenshinhan saves Gokou's life by flying him away safely from a massive blast. Piccolo realizes he can't beat Gokou, so he threatens Gokou that he'll crush Ten's head. Eventually Piccolo puts Tenshinhan down after thinking Gokou is finished.
9 DB Movie 3 -- Tenshinhan Kamesennin S
During the tournament Tsurusennin's henchmen start searching everyone for a dragonball. Kamesennin starts fighting against the forceful henchmen so Tenshinhan steps in and knees Roshi in the neck, knocking him out for a few minutes.
10 DB Movie 3 -- Tenshinhan Tsurusennin S
Tsurusennin orders Tenshinhan to kill Chaozu and Ten refuses, so Tsuru takes matters into his own hands. He shoots a Dodonpa at Chaozu, but Tenshinhan shoots a Kikoho at Tsurusennin disintegrating the blast and blasting Tsurusennin far away.
11 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai 136 | 15 Tenshinhan Taopaipai MS
Tenshinhan has to defeat his once-idol, who is now even stronger as a cyborg. Tsurusennin is having him kill his betraying students and Gokou at the tournament. The fight is easily won by Tenshinhan with one punch. Before the final blow, Ten dodges Tao's attacks. However, Tao manages to surprise Ten with a blade and cuts his chest. This is how Ten gets his chest scare.
12 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai 139-141 | 15 Tenshinhan Gokou MS
The match begins even. Tenshinhan may even seem to have an upper hand. The Shinnoken technique (4 Tenshinhans) damges Gokou at first. Gokou realizes the power is a 1/4 of Ten's total power. Gokou uses a Taiyoken blinding them all and defeats each.
Dragon Ball Z
# Saga


Tenshinhan Opponent In
13 Saiya-jin 17 | -- Tenshinhan past Saiya-jin S
Mr. Popo lets Ten, Yamucha, Kuririn, and Chaozu go in this room where they travel back in time to fight the Saiya-jins of the past. Basically, Tenshinhan, Kuririn, Yamcha, and Chaozu were easily defeated by the past saiyans.
14 Saiya-jin 23 | 18 Tenshinhan Saibaman MS
Tenshinhan says he'll fight one the Saibamen first. Tenshinhan easily defeats the little creature.
15 Saiya-jin 24-25 | 19 Tenshinhan (d) Nappa MS
Tenshinhan can't seem to even come close to hurting Nappa. Ten gets his hand cut off to make matters worst. After Chaozu comes and self-destructs to no avail on Nappa, Ten goes wild and visciously attacks Nappa. He still dodges the onslaught. As a last resort, Tenshinhan fires a one handed Kikoho at Nappa. It only damages his armor. Tenshinhan dies from the beating he took and because he drained all his energy on the Kikoho
16 DBZ Movie 3 -- Tenshinhan Turles henchman S
Tenshinhan is beaten fairly easily.
17 DBZ Movie 3 -- Tenshinhan Turles S
The Z warriors attack Turles as Gokou builds up a Genki Dama. They are all easily knocked away
18 Freeza ? | -- Tenshinhan Piccolo S
This takes place when Tenshinhan is on Kaiosama's planet. Ten, Yamucha, and Chaozu have to fight Piccolo for their training. Tenshinhan and the gang beat Piccolo up a bit, then Kaio tells them to stop.
19 Freeza 93-95 | -- Tenshinhan Jisu, Baata S
Tenshinhan has a hard time at first. After a while, he pushes himself harder and defeats them both.
20 Trunks' Timeline Trunks Special | ? Tenshinhan (d) Androids MS
You are led to believe all the Z warriors are killed by the Androids during Mirai no Trunk's timeline. Obviously, this would have been a battle.
21 Android 135-136 | ? Tenshinhan Android 17 MS
Trunks and Vegita appear to be defeated by the androids, so Piccolo and Tenshinhan dart in to try and save Trunks. Tenshinhan takes one swing at 17. Android 17 dodges and puts Tenshinhan in a choke which sends him into unconsciousness.
22 Cell 152-153 | 31 Tenshinhan 2nd form Cell MS
Tenshinhan surpresses 2nd form Cell for a while with a Shin Kikoho. Eventually his energy runs out and he falls to the ground. Cell is about to kill Ten until Gokou shows up and saves him. This battle was kind of a draw but I'd say Cell is the winner because he is standing in the end.
23 Cell 184 | ? Tenshinhan Cell Junior MS
Tenshinhan actually holds his ground for a while. But in the end he is defeated by the little Cell Jr.
24 Cell ? | ? Tenshinhan Perfect Cell MS
The rest of the Z warriors join in on the fight against Perfect Cell. As Gohan is shooting a huge Kamehameha at Cell, Ten and the others fire energy blasts at Cell. The blasts don't do much to Cell and they are blown away.
25 DBZ Movie 9 -- Tenshinhan Mirai no Trunks S
The battle is even at first. Tenshinhan and Trunks exchange 2 hard blows. Trunks turns Super Saiya-jin and easily defeats him.
26 DBZ Movie 9 -- Tenshinhan Buujin S
This is one of Bojack's henchmen. He dodges Tenshinhan's kick and knocks him out into a brick wall.
27 Buu 267 | 41 Tenshinhan

Super Buu w/SSJ3 Gotenks & Piccolo


Super Buu is about to do an attack that would have killed Dende, Mr. Satan, and possibly Gohan, but our hero Tenshinhan appears and deflects the blast with a Kikoho! Then Ten shoots another Kikoho, but this time at Buu. Unfortunately, it didn't hurt Buu. Later, Gokou shows up and cuts Buu in half with a Kienzan and Buu's lower half lands near Tenshinhan. Buu's legs then knock Ten out of the fight.

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