Tenshinhan's Clothing

I have illustrated the main clothing in order from the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai to the end of Dragon Ball Z. Obviously, not exactly all of Tenshinhan's clothing is shown here, because I don't have good enough reference material for the obscure outfits Tenshinhan wore for short periods of time. In those cases, I have included small screen captures with contextual information.

Clothing Chart

NOTE: The shoes at the end of the chart is the original manga colorization of Ten's boots from the start of Dragon Ball Z to the end of the Cell saga. It doesn't mean that in the manga Ten-san was naked and just wearing boots.

Other Clothes

When Tenshinhan is first shown at the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai him and Chaozu are wearing purple sashes.

Here is the outfits of Ten and Chaozu from Dragon Ball Movie 3. They're quite interesting, so I'll try to find better images.

This is the heavy clothing Ten-san wears when he arrives with the rest of the gang to defeat Mecha Freeza.

This final illustration from Akira Toriyama shows everyone at the very end of DBZ. It may just be a weird colorization, which is seen often from different illustrations from Toriyama, but it appears to be similar to Ten-san's rarer Buu saga outfit, but with a green belt.

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