English DBZ Episodes


This list is compiled from the official Dragon Ball Z website. Unfortunately, it does not cover the episodes before Funimation stopped cutting up and combining episdoes (the first 67 episodes were condensed into 53). Therefore, the list begins in the middle of the Freeza saga. I have included Ten's appearances from the cut-up episodes and displayed them in yellow. Since the episodes don't line up, they should be noted as separate in some way. The 1:1 ratio of original episodes to dubs starts at episode #68. Tenshinhan firsts appears in these episdoes at #75. Shortly after that episode it seems Funimation misses an episode because they become unaligned by 1 episode. The dub ends with 290 total, while the orginial series is 291 total.

Saiyan Saga

9. Princess Snake's Hospitality
11. Showdown in the Past
14. The Legend of the Saiyans
15. Black Day for the Planet Earth
16. The Battle Begins...Goku Where Are You?
17. The Saibamen Strike
18. Nappa...The Invincible?
19. Tien Goes All Out!

Freeza Saga

39. Stay Away From Frieza
40. Zarbon Transformed
41. The Eldest Namek
42. Get Vegeta!
43. Vegeta Revived
45. Immortality Denied
50. Time Tricks and Body Binds

75. Password is Porunga
76. Piccolo's Return
80. Deja Vu
81. Frieza's Second Transformation
86. The Ultimate Battle
89. Bold and Fearless
90. Embodiment of Fire
91. Trump Card
92. Keep the Chance Alive
93. Power of the Spirit
94. Transformed at Last
96. Namek's Destruction
97. A Final Attack
98. Approaching Destruction
99. Gohan Returns
100. The Last Wish
101. Dual on a Vanishing Planet
102. Pathos of Frieza
103. Freiza Defeated!!
105. Namek's Explosion? Goku's End?
106. Goku's Alive!!

Trunks Saga

117. Frieza's Counterattack
118. The Mysterious Youth
119. Another Super Saiyan?
120. Welcome Back Goku
121. Mystery Revealed
122. Goku's Special Technique

Android Saga

125. The Androids Appear
126. A Handy Trick
127. Double Trouble for Goku
128. Upgrade to Super Saiyan
129. The Secret of Dr. Gero
130. More Androids?!
131. Follow Dr. Gero
132. Nightmare Comes True
133. Goku's Assassin
135. No Match For The Androids
136. Last Ditch Effort
137. Closing In
138. Unwelcome Discovery

Cell Saga

143. Piccolo's Folly
144. Laboratory Basement
145. Our Hero Awakes
146. Time Chamber
147. The Monster is Coming
148. He's Here
151. Say Goodbye, 17
152. Sacrifice
153. Saiyans Emerge
154. Super Vegeta
155. Bow to the Prince
156. Hour of Temptation
160. Vegeta Must Pay
162. Saving Throw
163. Ghosts from Tomorrow
164. The Cell Games
165. What is the Tournament?
167. Meet Me In the Ring
168. No Worries Here
174. The Games Begin
175. Losers Fight First
176. Goku vs. Cell
177. Cell's Bag of Tricks
178. No More Rules
179. The Fight Is Over
180. Faith in a Boy
181. Gohan's Plea
182. Android Explosion
183. Cell Juniors Attack!
184. Awakening
185. The Unstoppable Gohan
186. Cell's Break Down
187. A Hero's Farewell
188. Cell Returns!
189. The Horror Won't End
190. Save the World
191. Goku's Decision
192. One More Wish

Buu Saga

239. Revival
240. Global Announcement
244. Super Saiyan 3?!
245. Buu's Mutiny
246. The Fusion Dance
247. Goku's Time Is Up
248. Return to Other World
254. Buu Against Buu
255. Empty Planet
256. Time Struggle
257. Super Moves of Gotenks
259. Feeding Frenzy
266. Ready to Fuse?
267. Union of Rivals
268. Meet Vegito
271. The Incredible Fighting Candy
278. Battle for the Universe Begins
279. Vegeta's Respect
281. Old Buu Emerges
282. Earth Reborn
284. People of Earth


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