Japanese DB Episodes


This list is compiled from the official Dragon Ball website. Unfortunately, it does not cover the episodes where Tenshinhan makes brief appearances. However, these episodes feature Ten in a main role.

Urani Baba Saga

82. Inoshikacho, the Monster.

22nd Tenkaichi Budokai

84. Battle to be the Best!
85. Preliminary Round Survival.
86. The 8 Finalists.
87. Yamucha vs. Tenshinhan.
88. Go Yamucha! Tenshinhan the Formidable Foe.
89. Terror! Hatred of the Full Moon.
90. Oh My! It's the Dodonpa!
91. Kuririn's Great Offensive.
92. Thanks for waiting! Here's Gokou!
93. An Even Match: Jackie Chun vs. Tenshinhan.
94. Solar Power! The New Crane School Technique!
95. A Great Fight! Gokou vs. Kuririn.
96. Kuririn's Great Attack.
97. The Final Match. Who is the Best in the World?
98. Battle Power.
99. Tenshinhan's Distress.
100. Live or Die! The Final Tactic.
101. The End of the Tournament! and...?

Piccolo Daimao Saga

112. Will Demon Lord Piccolo Attain Youth?
119. Will the Legendary 'Demon Incarcerator' Work?
120. Gokou's Fury at Full Power!
125. God Appears.
127. Faster than Lightning.

23rd Tenkaichi Budokai

134. Stormy World Championship Martial Arts Tournament.
140. True Strength.
141. Four Tenshinhans.
146. Son Gokou's Trick.


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