Welcome to the newly resurrected TenshinhanJinja.com. This site was first created under the name The Ultimate Shrine to Tenshinhan. After that it was called The Tenshinhan Ichidou. Regardless of the name changes and absences from the site on my part, this site was always dedicated to bringing Dragon Ball fans the best information and media pertaining to the amazing character, Tenshinhan (known as Tien in the US). I hope there is still interest in this wonderul character as I attempt to bring much better content than before including high quality video clips, scans, and updated information sections. Enjoy the website!

News & Updates

3/31/2008 - Biography half-complete
I have finished covering the Dragon Ball portion of Ten's story. The Biography is quite massive as it is now. However, DBZ shouldn't be quite as long considering that Dragon Ball has the most character development of Tenshinhan.

3/19/2008 - Biography Started
I've decided to make a very large and in-depth Biography for Tenshinhan. This will become the focus of the site's information. So far I've only covered Ten's character through the end of the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai. Already, the biography is probably longer than the previous site's same section. My goal in this bio is to include a lot more character insight than any other Dragon Ball character has received. It's not just a strict explanation of what is literally happening. This section will grow in time to the end of DBZ, as I review the manga and series.

2/8/2008 - 2 More Sections
I finished the Accomplishments section and Battle Guide.

2/7/2008 - Appearances Section
This section was revamped with episode appearance corrections. I've also included a sub-section to talk about the games Tenshinhan appeared in. MORE TO COME! I'm sorry this site is slowly coming together.

1/9/2008 - 2 New Video Clips
I'm taking clips from the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai. HERE are two so far.

12/16/2007 - Clothing Section Complete
I decided to split up the Evolution section to have a dedicated Clothing page. I've re-illustrated all of the easily reproducible outfits seen on Tenshinhan. I believe this is the definitive guide to Ten-san's clothing now!

12/8/2007 - Layout Complete
The basic layout is complete, and I have designed the site with minimal ASP and CSS so that layout changing/updating/creating new sections will be extremely easy. Aside from the new Forum, there are currently no pages up.

12/6/2007 - Not the END!
After two years, I've finally gotten back into Dragon Ball. Pretty big too. I was watching the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai on my 21st birthday and was instantly hooked again. I've got big plans for a total remake of the site. Here are some things that are probably going to happen:
  1. I was checking out the Japanese word for shrine again, and it appears that it is actually 'jinja.' The sites name will be changed to Tenshinhan Jinja. I will get a dot com for it (tenshinhanjinja.com).
  2. After a few years learning design, I will redesign the site with much more Dragon Ball-appropriate visual style.
  3. I will re-write the content because my writing skillz hab improved since I was 13-15 years old.
  4. Sections will be overhauled with better images.
  5. High quality original media. I have the ability to capture video from high quality DVDs. I now have a scanner too. I may also want to make a Flash Tenshinhan fighting game (still RPG-like).
  6. Somehow get people to come back here after this absence from telling people it's over. I'm going to try to make a professional site for Tenshinhan. Hopefully there is still interest! I'll be working on this project over Christmas break!!!

12/28/05 - The End
First: I just want to say that I do have an update. There are 9 final pictures posted in the Fanart section. I've had these nice drawings submitted to me for what seems like half a year. I finally brought myself to post them. The main point of this final update is to just say goodbye. I've grown up and I am no longer interested in Dragon Ball. I also realize that nobody hardly visits this site anymore. I loved this website. It was definitely my best and I enjoyed creating it immensely. I remember when this site had up to 1000 visitors a day. That was back when PlanetNamek.com (The best DBZ site ever) had me on their link list. Since they went down, this site's visitors has dwindled. Somedays I don't get hits anymore. But I'm still happy to know that thousands of people have seen something I have worked hard on and created. Most of them really enjoyed this site and agreed with what I said. That was the best part. I loved to get tons of e-mails of praise for giving Tenshinhan his due respect. I thank everyone for visiting my site and talking to me over the years. It's time for me to move on now, though. Obviously this site will be kept up for as long as FreeWebs.com will host it. I'm not going to update ever again, however. This is actually kind of sad, but: Thank you. Later.

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